Holistic change.

Lifestyle coaching with Steven Bechtold is a mindset and approach to life. It is a continuous campaign of self improvement.

Steven Bechtold creates structure to support and push you in becoming your best self.

Creating the best "true you"

“True YOU” is your present state at this moment. This includes your holistic well-being: emotions, thoughts, beliefs, values, motivators and energy. “True YOU” directly affects how we view and interact with our surrounding world.

Steven Bechtold Coaching Approach

Steven Bechtold works with his clients to create structure, routine and discipline in each of these key areas to support becoming your ideal "True YOU". Each plan is personalized to drive the best results.

The Pillars


Movement is essential for life. Creating a fitness routine helps to preserve and improve the mind and body. The more capable your body is, the more you can experience and contribute to your every day life.


Proper nutrition helps the body perform and recover. It also directly affects our hormone production, energy levels and cell reproduction. We are all products of our diet.


Our psychology is very complex; it shapes our worldview. Taking control of our minds allows us to think with clarity, better understand our emotions and live with more vitality.

By developing habits and best practices that support each of these pillars, we are paving a solid foundation to create the ideal “True YOU.”

One on One
Coaching with

  • 13 years of experience
  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • (NESTA) Certified Personal Trainer
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Lifestyle coaching with Steven Bechtold is about:


After completing my questionnaire, we will have a discussion to help further define your goals. We will assess the current and the future state of the “True YOU.” I will help to get you there.


We will work together in Micro Cycles. We will define initiatives and objectives for each pillar to drive holistic change. On a periodical basis, we will review your progress and make necessary adjustments.

Progress not Perfection

Through teamwork and trial and error, we will build towards the ideal “True YOU.” New habits and best practices will be tested, assessed and implemented. Think continuous improvement.

Let's work together